Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Less that 0.5 sec

I would have liked to get the focus on the right wings as good as that on the left, but this huge and handsome gold-ringed dragonfly zooming down the boardwalk and briefly landing on a reed, gave me probably less that 0.5 of a second to blip him before he sailed off again.  Don't you think he's pretty wonderful?

Shot taken in the reserve early before the sun disappeared.  It did reappear later, I'm glad to say, but the amount of rain we got inbetween was pretty pathetic!

Today I walked up to the station to buy my rail ticket for Friday.  As the hospital keeps texting to check I really am keeping my appointment, I thought I should make sure there was no rail strike upcoming.  There isn't.  So roll on Friday, I do need those meds  ;((

A reminder: we're now on to the last WildFlowerWeek for this year.  WFW22_21 will end on Saturday at midnight.  That is, unless someone (perhaps elsewhere in the world?) would like to take on the hosting.  If so do contact me. 

My decision about this was confirmed yesterday when Hazel and I went to the Barton Meadows area to see acres/hillsides of dead wildflowers, dried up in the heat. Over.  Kaput!  Meanwhile I will give out hearts and HonMentions to the penultimate challengers (WFW22_20) tomorrow.

I do hope you're all in good heart and that the week's going well for you  xx

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