Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Brockenhurst Butcher

The idea of taking another streetshot in Winchester for today's MM didn't appeal so this morning I got on a train to Brockenhurst in the New Forest for Carolina's 'street scene' challenge.

As far as I can work out this shopping street calls itself 'the Village'.  Or do people who live there call the whole of the town a village?  I don't know, but B seems quite big to me with a college and mainline railway station.  However, it's a long time since I saw an old-fashioned butcher like this, so maybe they are a village after all... 

Anyway, this is the shot I've chosen, though truth to tell I had slightly hoped this would be one of those days when the ponies or donkeys  wander into the main street.  Apparently they do quite often.  I am told even the pigs are known to come here, though my guess is they might avoid this shop!

So many thanks to Carolina for hosting the challenge and happy Monday to you all, and talk in a bit  xx

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