Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Fist of all I can tell you that yesterdays mystery object was an egg separator.  Its a recent purchase.  I did have a plastic egg separator which I have used over the years when I needed egg whites to make coconut meringues for taster nights at slimming club.  This old plastic one broke last time I used it so I decided to get a metal one this time so hopefully its more sturdy.

I haven't done much today but at least I did get out of the house.  I took a bus ride to Aldi.  Haven't been there for ages.  Got all the food I wanted but nothing more - wasn't tempted by any of their non food items today.

The weather today was lovely - warm and sunny - no need for a jacket.

There seems to have been a break in at one of the nearby allotments at the back of my house so I decided to get a couple of security items just to make things a bit safer..  They arrived today --- a strong cycle chain to put round the back lane and a security light to go near the back door.  I put both in place this afternoon.  Hopefully they will act as deterrents if anyone is out there looking for mischief.

The Wide Wednesday challenge today is " balanced ".  So here is an egg balanced on some forks.  Thanks to BobsBlips fo hosting.  ( I see my blip friend davidc has done something similar - but his is a lot more amazing and complicated than mine.)

Steps today - 6,088


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