Day at a Time

By Tweedy

Great Tit

Delighted to see the small garden birds returning in healthy numbers. There is a big group of bluetits that I've been watching this week as well as robins, sparrows (of course), chaffinches and dunnocks.  It was the great tit that made it onto blip this morning though. Largely because it wasn't on the feeder but politely waiting its turn. I think it must be one of this year's chicks because to me it doesn't look quite fully formed.

Another day on which I'd planned to be in Edinburgh but one that's easy enough to reschedule. Enough said. 

I'm walking with a friend this afternoon and looking forward to seeing her. The dogs will have fun racing round Kings Park. 

Minor rant, a bit waspish. Apologies:

Well I deleted my rant. Too waspish. What does it matter in the end & it's better not to be narky. 

Have a good day! 

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