By Mrsmacdub

We did it!

We walked 58.1 kms this week - 16 kms more than our goal of 42 kms.  Will next week be more difficult as we try to achieve 7 kms per day?  Possibly, time will tell.

I put on a load of washing while we had breakfast then hung it out before we went walking.  It was a lovely morning and warm enough to not require jackets.  We took a new route to the Oamaru Public Gardens and discovered a couple of paths we’ve not walked before.  It was so beautiful and peaceful there, we enjoyed the walk and we discovered the Chinese Garden as a result -see the blip.

We called into Mitre10 (this is becoming a habit!) to purchase an outdoor light to go outside our back door, as the one that’s there is hanging by a thread and not fit for purpose.

After lunch and a bit of pottering we put on old clothes. I had to use old trousers and a top of MrMacD’s - not a pretty sight.  Then we went down to the garage and brushed paint stripper onto the two side tables we’ve bought for the second bedroom.  It was cold down there as the sun had disappeared.  We decided to dash off to do the shopping while the paint stripper started to work.  When we got back it was obviously working but it was so cold we decided to leave the next step until the morning.  Hopefully all will be well.  I took a “before”photo and will take another photo when they’re finished.  We’ve started with the smallest pieces to get some practice before tackling the larger pieces.

As well as the photos I took at the Chinese Garden in the Oamaru Public Gardens, I’ve included a photo of the clouds this evening just before sunset.

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