Old Flour Mill, Castleford

I set out with a plan this evening, to photograph the s-shaped footbridge over the River Aire in Castleford. The construction of the bridge was featured in the Channel 4 documentary series Grand Designs. See here for more information..

I took a number of images of the bridge of which some can be seen here.

I was diverted from my task, several times, by a heron in various places on the river seen here standing in the evening sunlit reflections of riverside buildings..

Finally, I chose the old flour mill because of the lovely reflections in the weir. The mill closed in 2011 after over a hundred years producing flour. There are plans to transform the building into a heritage centre.

Today has been rather hectic and I apologise for not managing many comments. I will do my best to catch up during the weekend.

The uncharacteristic start to my day can be seen here. -my first ever horse riding lesson has provided much amusement to friends and family.

This form of transport, besides being mildly terrifying, wouldn't accept either my bus pass or Senior Rail Card. My horse-loving partner persuaded me to have a go at this activity, in preparation for a short section of a major holiday in September (about which, more later). I am not promising much progress on the four-legged friend!

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