Capital adventures

By marchmont

Day off

I nearly didn't go to the pool but I'm glad I did.

Can't home and did some cleaning: the fridge, the shower and I changed the hinge out of the dishwasher filter. Yuck!

Then, as the cloud lifted and sun returned, a meeting with H planning a meeting and a strategy. 

After she left I had some lunch, checked summer emails and then sat in the sun listening to my book. Later I did some sewing. It was lovely to sit in the sun, even though it is lower in the sky. Did have a wee break sending out Management Accounts.

Then the daily trip to feed Alfie. Home I moved seat and continued with the book, the sewing but augmented with some food and drink. Then as the sun moved towards the disappearing point I lit the brazier and the chimenea. It wasn't as windy v as last night so seemed warmer.

As it got really dark I moved inside and watched some Netflix. I reek if smoke! 

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