Valentines 2023

Another quiet day at work. My forecasting meeting was postponed again and, at one point, I felt that I would my actually speak to anybody from the office but Daniel called me at one point to talk about the Product Management processes. So, I did speak to somebody!

I asked ChatGPT about addressable advertising towards the end of the day as I was interested to see what the models understand. Responses were quite interesting but very generic. I feel like I want to write a blog post to record this moment as I know we are on a tipping point but who knows when we’ll tip over. I started thinking about it: the responses I got were somewhat useless to somebody who understands the domain but what if they’re good enough for most people? What if we multiply that across all the things we don’t know about? I fear an AI trained in content farms and misinformation sites. Because, as it gets better, how will we separate the truth from the marketing spin?

PY had picked up a valentines dinner from Waitrose earlier. We thought we’d do something like that rather than head out. The main was a delicious Parmigiano Reggiano & Truffle Chicken Kiev but I think the star of the show were the heart-shaped deserts. 

We thought it might be fun to watch a film and chose ‘Shotgun Wedding’,  a romantic comedy film starring Jennifer Lopez as Darcy, a free-spirited woman who agrees to a destination wedding with her fiancé Tom, but things take a turn when their families become involved and the wedding party is taken hostage by a group of criminals.  The synopsis says that, “as Darcy and Tom try to save their loved ones and themselves, they must also reevaluate their relationship and determine if they are truly meant to be together”. It wasn’t quite what I imaged but it as also a lot of fun and just the kind of easy movie to settle in with on a mid-week stay-at-home valentine night. Perfectly lovely.

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