If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Speckled Wood ( Pararge aegeria )

Saturday, so time at the Lodge prepping.  No walk to the bins, another set of considerate guests emptied the bins.  Just before we finished I left Clickychick to finish off inside and I strimmed the wildflower meadow.  The "hay" will be left for a couple of days to drop any seeds.  Then it will be removed as wildflowers grow best in impoverished soil, leaving the clippings would add nutrients.

When I was coming out of the Lodge this butterfly landed on our neighbour's tree.  Speckled Woods have been reported by members of the Bird Club from all over the county.  This is the first I have seen all season  It certainly isn't,  because of a lack of caterpillar food plants, we have plenty of Cocksfoot (grass) Yorkshire Fog (grass), and Couch grass nearby.

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