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Someone's Lonely Party

This is a cheshma, a spring which in Bulgaria is piped for anyone to enjoy.  This one is in the mountains of the Stara Planina so the water is pretty pure; we will refill our water bottles from one when we need to.

Someone must have stopped for party and left their liquor bottle.  The whole setup is in the Extra.

We were driving to see a Roman bridge, "Rimsky Most", near the village of Strevek, but when we go there we found that the bridge was a two-hour hike through the forest, so we decided against that adventure.  But I did manage to meet a Polish lady who knew my brother: she and her husband had walked for several hours through the forest and encountered my brother in the hamlet of Novogortsi.  They then invited him for dinner, to stay the night, so I took the opportunity to thank them for their kindness to my itinerant brother.

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