By WharfedaleBex

Different breed!

OK, so I thought it was a butternut squash because we don't eat pumpkin. I thought it would stretch into a butternut squash shape. But here's the thing... We have three pots of plants. Two pots have since sprouted butternut squash babies whereas this one has two plants in it both sprouting globes.  A few years ago, I think we had a pumpkin dish around Halloween. Unless butternuts can morph into pumpkins, I'm having to rebrand the breed! The butternut squash baby sitting on top of the (now) pumpkin dropped off the other plant when it ran out of water last week. I don't think it was ever going to make an adult though.

So... the pumpkin is turning a spectacular colour!
And it's raining at last! Perfect for another day of doing.

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