2011 photo resolution

By karenanya

Damselfly with prey

Stayed in bed to read while husband went out for a 10k run. Think I got the better option. Got ready for BodyPump and enjoyed the busy class.

The sun didn't really come out until mid afternoon but when it did, I headed out into the garden to take a look at the flowers and the pond. The lavender was alive with bees and there were even a few butterflies on the scabious.

I saw this damsel catch a small moth (I think it was one of these (moth) and then proceed to eat it methodically. The damsel had to defend its prey from another male that was patrolling the pond. The wings were snipped off the moth so that it was easier to handle fairly early in the proceedings. You can see the scales from the wings all over the front of the damselfly. After chomping on the moth for about 10 minutes, the damsel was off again. There were more damsels around the pond and it was interesting to see them hunting - another one of these moths nearly didn't escape.

Read my Kindle in the garden for a bit and have now retreated indoors to watch the Grand Prix. All in all, a nice relaxing weekend.

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