By Lizimagiz

Winter Greens

Clouds continued to hang low over the hills and cast some degree of gloom on the landscape. It was no good for trekking up onto the Wither Hills before dawn. The dogs and I enjoyed took our usual walk along the Taylor River. It was quiet along the tracks...not a lot of other dogs to greet today.
I love the effect of the changing seasons on our landscape. The contrast from one time of the year to another can be dramatic.
Take the hills on Meadowbank Station. They are to be seen in the mid-distance in today's image. These hills have changed from the rich golden hues of late summer and autumn to a bright verdant green. I have called this image "Winter Greens" to honour the lovely green hues.
There is a nice amount of water flowing down the Taylor River at the moment. It is clear and clean.
The Taylor River, along with others in Marlborough, is a minor example of a braided river in its upper reaches. These particular types of rivers can be found in Alaska, Canada, New Zealand's South Island and in the Himalayas. So they are quite unusual. They can be found in other countries too but are not as extensive as in those quoted above. A well known encyclopedic site on the internet makes for interesting reading for those who want to find out more about differing river systems.

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