Marjorie's ramblings

By walkingMarj


You will not be surprised to hear that I slept through my alarm this morning!

I met a few of the photographers in the dining room. We seem a pretty cheerful bunch.

I decided to go for a gentle wander but the uphill to the town centre was hard going. Then the rain started so I headed back.

There are a lot of terraced houses here painted in pastel colours. Lots of people have tubs around the front doors and onto the street. It’s lovely to see the care they have taken.

I had a bar lunch at my hotel. The food was delicious.

My plan was to sleep this afternoon but sleep did not come. I rested.

We all met tonight. It is a lovely group and I like the two tutors. The food was again excellent.

This statue of Mary is in its own tiny garden outside a Centra supermarket. I saw other Centras in Italy this summer, a reminder that Southern Ireland is in the EU!

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