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It has been to busy to upload to Blip for the past two days, so this is another back blip. I can’t quite keep up with the pace!!

The weather today was quite challenging with frequent showers and grey skies. There was a lot of driving between the places we visited.

The main image is taken at the site of another ruined monastery - An Geata Mór Theas - on the North Atlantic coast. It was raining all the time we were here, scrambling in long tussocks grass amongst the gravestones.

At Blacksod Bay we came across a triathlon in progress. I photographed a few of the finishers.

Then to Derible’s Twist, a modern stone spiral, high on the moors.

It was very windy and a bit rainy here. As Sue attempted to leave the front seat of our mini van, the wind caught the door. She held on and ended on the ground, having bumped her back and head.

I did my first aid bit and generally kept everyone calm. Sam took her to the race end where there were paramedics on duty and they checked her over, which reassured everyone further.

Our final call was to see the sea stack at Downpatrick Head. It is magnificent but there was not a bird in sight.

Then there was a long drive back to Westport.

I had very little pain today and walked a lot. It remains to be seen whether that has been too much……

I nearly forgot to mention the wonderful kelp!

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