By Bom

The Danger Ahead

This is the first photo that scientists have found in the archives showing the terrible changes that would happen and transform the world. It was found in the blipfoto site from October 2023 when global warming was beginning to have big consequences. Then it was just thought to be a funny photo of a carrot, found when clearing a raised salad bed ready for winter. Of course, we now know the awful consequences. The first carrot adaptation was the development of a tiny brain, then came the arms and then the hands. It was only a year before legs and feet emerged. The funny photos of carrots then turned into funny videos of the carrots moving around the garden. Next, unbelievably, people adopted them as pets, bringing them into their houses. They doubled in size, then trebled and all households had at least one carrot pet. It was only a few years before they became the size of toddlers, but still humans didn't see the danger. The carrots found it very easy to kill their 'owners' by secreting their own poison into the human's wine or beer. Still people and governments didn't understand what was going on, thinking a new deadly pathogen was in the air. Millions died before carrotkind made their fatal mistake, posting their deadly deeds on social media. We're now fighting back, but the carrot spy network is everywhere - how on earth did we not see the danger back in 2023?

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