By Bom

A Gardening Day

This morning I finished getting my borders and pots ready for the compost when it arrived. As we had a weather warning for heavy rain this evening and overnight, I moved most of it whilst it was light and crumbly. It was incredibly hot as I dug into it!  It’s amazing how much is needed for top dressing. A much needed hot bath afterwards with muscle soak!!! 

Method for my record only 
Using my wheelbarrow, I filled and moved a single plastic flexi tub at a time. The prepared pots and raised bed without plants were very easy to top up. I also manage to top dress half the border in the back garden. Then I created piles of more compost on the raised bed and on a tarpaulin, for topping up pots and more top dressing tomorrow. That meant I could drag the remainder into the back garden and bring in the pallet. 

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