Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54

Modern art? Abstract?

I was startled to see a female hooded oriole on my first peek into the backyard this morning. I thought they had flown the coop. My camera was in another room. By the time I got back it was too late.

The rest of the day was spent at the post office, pharmacy and at an appointment at the Pain Center. Still trying to get a grip on the back and foot pain I’ve been plagued with all year. I got a 2-week prescription for tramadol, but my insurance company wouldn’t allow it to be filled.

I thought I didn’t have a blip for today. Then I noticed that I had taken this photo by accident. It’s nothing more than an EB but I kinda like it.

In other news…The Arizona Diamondbacks (baseball team) are in the playoffs. I watched the 2nd game tonight, which they won.  They now go on to play the LA Dodgers. Rooting for my snakes!  :-)

– – – – – – – – –

When I was a kid, bedtime was at 9 pm. I couldn’t wait to become an adult so that I could go to bed anytime I wanted.
Turns out, that’s 9 pm.

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