By KirstyHalbert


Last year I photographed some wee caterpillars munching away at the leaves in the communal gardens near M's Mum and Dad's. I'd seen them the year before, too, and sure enough they were back for the third year in a row this weekend. They're a lot smaller than they were last year; the late Spring must have put them behind in their development. I'm a bit worried that there doesn't seem to be an awful lot for them to eat, but hopefully the shrubs will bloom in time to make some good baby food. I was going to Blip them, but on my way back to the house I noticed these snails on the broom bushes. I had the wrong lens really, as this doesn't show just how many of them there were! In fact, there were small stripy snails hitching a lift on the shells of the brown garden snails. The shrub must have been adorned with a hundred of them. I think they liked the petals... I suppose communal gardens are not as well maintained as individual gardens, so no one controls the pests.

Today M was working again, and I had another lazy day. I did get up with M and have breakfast with him, but once he'd headed off to work at 7am, I went back to bed for an hour! I made it to the gym for an Attack class at 10am though, so I didn't feel too bad :)

When I got home, I gave Mum a call and pottered round the house, doing the chores I've been meaning to last week. I even emptied my suitcase that I used last week to go home - although we're travelling back to Yorkshire on Thursday so it'll be re-filled in a couple of days!

M was late home, so I walked to the beach on my own and sat with an ice-cream on the grass before walking over to Asda to do the weekly shop. M picked me up afterwards and when we got home I popped a chicken in the oven for a roast. We sat in the last of the sun until it disappeared behind a cloud, then headed back indoors for tea and to watch Britain's Got Talent (I'm beginning to believe it doesn't). Poor M having to work all weekend; at least we've got a few days off on Thursday so he'll be able to relax.

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