By KirstyHalbert


Gorgeous weather today in Aberdeen. I sat outside with a couple of the ladies from my office for lunch, and the sun was really warm on the back of my neck. I decided to go back and Blip the caterpillars I was talking about yesterday this evening after work - although it does mean treading in some flowerbeds (they are mainly soil), so I just made it a quick visit. Definitely worth going large!

In other news: I am clearly getting old. Since the sun was out, I went to sit in the park after work and read my Kindle. It was lovely and quiet, until a group of boys and girls about my age sat down and started playing music (actually, probably the kind of music I'd have enjoyed had it not been forced on me) from a stereo. It was loud, and completely destroyed the atmosphere. I gave out my best death-stares but wasn't about to head over and say anything because they looked a wee bit scary. Humph.

It was leftover chilli for tea tonight; yum. I've got my driving theory test tomorrow morning at the ungodly hour of 8am, so I'm just going to be practicing for that this evening...

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