I Witness

By KangaZu

Just another ...

... Blue.

I had intended to post something for either Squirrel Blip Friday or Flower Friday ... but then this Blue Jay showed up and changed everything! 

Today wasn't near as nice at the past few days ... rain and much cooler temps.  But you know that never stops me from sitting out (inside the open sunroom) in order to spend time with my wildlife ... and take pictures, of course.

While sitting there I often run the Merlin app's sound ID so that I can identify the many birds in our yard at the time.  No catbirds were recorded today ... but Merlin did hear a White-throated Sparrow!  Which means cold weather is definitely on the way.  And it wasn't just one time that the white-throated sparrow was picked up by Merlin ... we also heard some at Housenick park during our walk later on.  The rain had cleared enough after supper so we were able to get in a nice walk to round out the day. 

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