By pensionspoet

Day 2...

I had a lazy morning, not getting up until 7.30. I had decided not to do the normal shop as there still seemed to be a lot of food. Without Jon for the week, we definitely don't need much salad and fruit! I still went to Lidl first thing though, as my vouchers on the Lidl app only last 7 days, and I had vouchers for 3 free items, and wasn't going to miss out on those. I also filled up with petrol ready for tomorrow's drive back to Hoddesdon.

Then it was singing with my lovely friends in East Runton, followed by the monthly poetry group. Subject was nature and mum joined me and read a couple of poems she had sourced on the subject.

Evening and I am catching up with some card making that I started last night. Iris folding so it is slow progress but I always like the end result, so it is worth the time!

I expect you are hoping to hear how the boys got on with the next bit of their adventure? I was pleased to hear that they were up at 7 as planned after a good night's sleep in the travelodge (each in their own bed - Andy had the double) Jon sorted breakfast in the room while Andy surfaced. So all meds taken and they were fed and on the road just after 8. Next stop Inverness, and the motorhome hire company. A stop for coffee mid morning so that Jon could contact the company to give them an eta, and then arrival as planned just after midday. They had to do the necessary checks, before keys were handed over. Then they loaded up Freddie the Fiat (and yes all the luggage did all fit in!) and were on their way to Golspie. On the way, they stopped at the Mermaid of the North - well done boys for the photos! Apparently, they did have a look at the sea and decided it was too cold to go in- well as anyone who knows Jon will know, he will barely paddle in a warm sea, let alone anything above knees. So I'm pretty sure there was never any intention for a north sea dip anyway!

It was then on to the first site. A new one, for motorhomes only. Jon has so far hogged the driving seat, so I guess Martin will get a turn tomorrow! At the site, Jon rang me and showed me all round the van. He seems very taken by it.....just needs a spare £60k if he wants one!!! Good to know they all have a bed, they have a good bathroom with toilet and shower, and will be warm. No need for anyone to sleep in a tent!

So far they haven't had any trouble on the road, but the more narrow and windy bit is to come in the next few days. For now, all positive and I have been reliably informed that Mr Jones has remained awake, chatty and enthusiastic throughout the whole 2 days of driving. He clearly doesn't intend to miss a single bit of this adventure from his front row seat! That's what we like to hear!

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