It's not what you know, it's who you know. In this case, Jo's eldest brother Steve. That's him on the left. He is one of the park rangers at Yanchep National Park north of Perth. We went there for a visit today, the first time in 8 years for me. I love the place.

Steve took us into the recovery enclosure which is away from the public part of the park. This male Koala and one other are here because they aren't getting on with the others in the main enclosure. They are having time out.

Are Koalas cute and cuddly? Sort of. They have rodent like teeth and according to Steve they can bite. Their claws are massive and sharp to help the climb trees. When you stroke one your hands come away smelling like eucalypt. On the other hand, according to Steve, they are a bit like cats. They like attention when they want it but will do anything to get away from you when they aren't in the mood.

This one was in the mood for a scratch. The kids with us are Steve's little ones. Steve Junior and Floreta. I think they are even more cute than the Koala. It must be great for them. Their house is literally 100 yards from this enclosure. They are growing up spending their days in the park.

I thought I had nailed my blip when I took a picture of a Kangaroo from less than 3 metres away. This one tops it though.

Nothing like a bit of fill flash to brighten up a photo.

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