There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Autumn Rain

It was a Penn State home football Saturday, which meant one thing: we were up early, heading over to pick up Boy Scout hoagies. They make and sell them as a fund raiser for every home game. But they sell out early.

It was raining, but there was a bit of a break, and so I went along and my husband dropped me off by the Scotia Barrens. My favorite little pond is nearly dry now, but I hope the rain will fill it back up again.

There were puddles all over the place, including some big ones on the main trail. I had waterproof shoes on, so I went puddle dancing. I made short videos of my feet walking through the biggest puddle I could find, and then I stood in one and did a little tiny tap-dance.

I showed the videos to my husband later, when he asked how my walk had been. "You're as bad as a small child!" he said, when he saw them. "I'm worse!" I proclaimed proudly.

Yes, there's not much finer than an October puddle dance. Waterproof shoes. Left hand for the pink umbrella. Right hand for the camera. Now, let's go out and dance in the beautiful autumn rain!!!

My soundtrack song is this one: Ladysmith Black Mambazo, with Rain, Rain, Beautiful Rain.

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