By WharfedaleBex


Ten years of daily photos. Ten years of so many connections - tiny and enormous - and each one special in its own way:

From encounters with wildlife to interactions with blippers and chance conversations with strangers. Or today and right in this spot, a cheerful wave from a friendly motorcyclist. Little lifts that all enhance my day.

I’ve been a very quiet blipper for a number of years but the Blipfoto community is no less important. 

Today, I connected up a few roads from Rosedale Abbey on a very chilly but sunny and thankfully, less windy day than yesterday! 

The ride up to Rosedale Head warmed me up nicely and the swoop down to Castleton was beautiful. The heather burning filled the valley and skies as I took the higher lanes north of the main road from Danby to Egton. This linked up with a long and ever wilder incline to Egton High Moor. Here the blue sky was starting to dapple with clouds and I found this view to acknowledge my decade of blipping. 

Thank you for dropping by, regularly or occasionally, visiting the world according to WharfedaleBex and being one of my special connections. 

What a decade! What a ride!

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