By WharfedaleBex

The Glasidale Horror

Not that I knew it was called that before I rode it.  I did know it was hard and made sure I wasn't cycling this route yesterday in the knowledge that I may not get up it and it might just mar my celebrations!  

*** Thank you for your wonderful kindness on my BlipDay special! ***

Today was shorter and I found an easier road to get out of Rosedale than the steep one to reach my photo point. I then headed north again but on a different finger of land to yesterday, down to Glaisdale.

I passed the road that I'd be coming back up and it did seem to disappear off a precipice but I thought it best not to dwell. With barely a breeze today, it was more comfortable enjoying the views which were spectacular - so I focused on the moment instead of what was to come.  

In not too much time, I was heading back up beautiful Glasidale and it wasn't long before I could see the back wall of the valley - and the thin piece of tarmac making a seemingly straight line directly up it. Hmmm, this could be fun! I spent the next few minutes visualising the easiest way to come to a rapid vertical halt without falling off! 

I gave myself a little bit of encouragement as I neared the bottom and gave it a go. I've since read that people debate whether it's harder than nearby Rosedale Chimney Bank. For me, yes! It's not as steep (quite) but it really goes on with little let up - I find that hard. The tarmac isn't great, there's a thick line of grass running up the centre of the road and a cattle grid right where you don't want one.

However, I realised that I was making progress and my legs were feeling committed. Every so often there were a few metres where the gradient would back off ever so slightly and I took those opportunities to come to a near stand still and steady my heart beats every so slightly too. Just when I thought I might need to consider the rapid exit from my clipped in feet, it started to ease. And there I was, nearing the top, enjoying the 22 degree halo off to one side.

I returned on the same road as yesterday, stopping here at the top of the steep descent back into Rosedale. There was actually some warmth in the air here so I made the most of hanging around for a while, faffing about trying to fit the halo into my photo.

Back at the van it was time to sort out and head for the east coast.

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