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Our 19th Anniversary

Wow, doesn't time fly these days?  We have again come round to the anniversary of the first ever post on Blipfoto.  A lot has happened since that fateful day in 2004. For example we are nearing six and a half million daily posts across the site, a significant increase from last year.

Most importantly the community continues to thrive through the simple opportunity of posting a daily photograph, recording your lives and sharing it with your Blip friends. Such a simple but brilliant idea.

 We are grateful to all the members who support the site, and particularly the volunteers and challenge setters.  We wanted to remind you that as part of the celebrations we have a special community challenge to mark these 19 years.  If you haven't already entered, you still have a last chance today to either post an image or tag one of your previous posts with #Blipfoto19.  The Community team will be sharing the results soon.

Last year we reported that 28 members were the recipients of a bronze camera for reaching 5,000 blips.  Well this year the number has swelled to 59.  Quite amazing and we're sure that we will see even more next year.

To borrow and adapt a certain well know saying from the UK's autumn TV schedule, 'Keep Blipping'!

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