talloplanic views

By Arell

I have a feeling we're not in Cheshire anymore

After having an extremely lazy morning it had actually stopped raining, so I rushed outside to do the second coat of creosotey stuff on the workbenchtop, and…and! – I think it might even be finished.

I spent the afternoon cycling over to the motorcentric hellscape that is Fort Kinnaird to look for a Christmas present for Boy Wonder, and then headed into town into the wind.  Fortunately I was riding my heaviest, slowest bike and was making pretty slow progress, which gave me time to notice this unusual fence on Niddrie Mains Road.  I did a double-take, actually, because cats?  Well, yes!  The fence is about 20 metres long and there are a dozen or so of these cut-out cats welded on. I have absolutely no idea why they are here, and only here. Most are rusting much more than this one, but they all have the same shape and the same squiggly tails.

Edinburgh has some other interesting railings here and there.  I'd say these ones are almost as unusual as the stretcher railings on Tabard Street in London.

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