By JanetMayes

After the rain

By lunchtime, it had stopped raining and, in hope, I hung the sheets outside. The light on the wet lycesteria was gorgeous, accentuating its rich colour and shiny berries. This shrub used to grow outside our dining room window, where we were constantly torn between admiring its beautiful flowers and wanting to cut it back to see our beautiful view. Earlier in the year it had to move to allow the installation of the much needed new window, and we've been delighted that it quickly settled into its new location and has thrived and bloomed better than before.

I walked slowly up the hill, enjoying the constantly shifting light and cloudscapes and photographing backlit leaves, which I hope find time to collage. I went a little way into the gloom of the wood, now very muddy again, to play with ICM for a few minutes - as usual most of these shots will be deleted, but one passable attempt is my extra. Then, a brisk walk downhill to be back at home before J's PA left. As it got dark, I remembered the sheets on the washing line - still wet.

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