Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

Bean and gone!

Another mostly sunny day. Cleared up the leaves which seem to collect around our front steps when the wind blows and did a bit of cleaning up in the greenhouse. This entitled me to stay in for a while, dealing with pictures.

After lunch we went for a short wander round the local streets to stretch the legs - my Blip today is the view along Duncraggan Road on the far side of McCaig's Tower. When we got back I did some more leaf raking down at the bottom of the bank beside the garage - leaves get blown into the parking space here.  

The final outing of the day was to the Walled Garden, to pick what will probably be the last pound of runner beans. This visit coincided with a brief shower - I can't believe this happens when it's been such a sunny day! I won't bother to go again, except maybe to dig a few spuds which I missed the last time. There might be one or two more beans then, but otherwise that's them over - and well thrashed by the wind they are now!

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