Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

Hard work!

A dull one today. I went along to Atlantis Leisure for my first 'Strength and Balance' class this morning. There were more than 20 folk there, all of the older generation of course, and we had an hour of exercise, balance, strap-stretching and whatever, without a break of any sort! Pretty difficult, though some exercises were easier than others. I'll sleep well tonight!

Then a visit to the dentist, to discuss a 'plan' for various tooth work. Not on the NHS, of course - I don't know how they can charge so much! Not looking forward to it, I must say!

A quick visit to the shops when Mrs M came back from Dunollie - I didn't have time to go this week. Fat balls and bird seed, mostly - can't let the little beggars down!

No photos outside today, so a quick EB of the flowers on the coffee table. The Christmas cacti are just beginning to come out.

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