By Lizimagiz

The Aeroplane……

……. in my Wisteria. This replica World War 1 plane is now a family treasure. It is made from recycled aluminum beer cans. It’s Creator was an elderly man who had a large number of differing models of old planes displayed for sale at the Rai Valley A&P Show in the mid 1990s. I attended the Show officially as Mayor that day and bought several planes. About 20 years later I was at the A&P Show again ( judging the Photography competition). The same old gentleman was there, now very elderly.. I commented to him that I had bought some of his planes in the past. He told me “Years ago I sold some of these planes to the Mayor.”… I looked at him and said “That was me!”. He was amazed…. Probably because I had gone grey and looked much older. Needless to say, once again I bought some of his planes.

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