By hazelh

Rebel Bear burglar, Duke Street, Leith

I have been keen to blip the image of the old lady and burglar by Rebel Bear ever since it appeared on the frontage of this sad building on Duke Street in April. I had the opportunity to do so this afternoon when we walked down to Jack's house for a pre-dinner drinks party with Jack, Katharine, Mike, and Susie. 

Afterward the six of wandered over to The Shore for supper. For the first time since 14th August 2021, I ordered a restaurant meal that contained mussels - with fingers tightly crossed!

Our overnight guest Brian is now safely installed in his conference hotel in London. We saw him to the first class lounge at Waverley station this morning. 

On our return home from Waverley we stripped the spare bed (again), put on another couple of loads of washing, and attended to other duties domestic. For me, this included some mending while watching the second episode of Maxine on Netflix until it was time to walk down to Jack's house for the evening's entertainment.

Exercise today: walking (14,090 steps).

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