By Mrsmacdub

A start

The lads were on the job reasonably early this morning.  They erected the scaffolding first, then started on the windows in our bedroom. They took out one of the two big windows and discovered some rot in the corner of the windowsill.  That took a while to fix.  Then the new window was 6mm too big, so they removed one of the sides, sliced off 6mm and replaced the side.  Hey presto, it fitted.  Then the glass was added and the rubber strips inserted.  The two small side windows were also installed.  They’ll be here earlier tomorrow morning as they don’t have so much gear to load onto the truck and will crack on with the rest of the windows.

Our new garage door was also installed.  The old one didn’t have a key, was manual and past its use by date.  We now have a smooth, quiet, electrically-operated door, with a remote control.  The colour is Pioneer Red.  I said to the installer that the pioneers must have been colour blind as it’s not red, more terracotta.  Apparently the pioneers mixed rust with milk to get the “red” colour.  Interesting!!  It does look a whole lot better.

MrMacD spent a lot of time in the garden.  I chased our service provider to sort out a couple of issues; typed up a list of the projects still to be done, by whom, and what we need to do to facilitate them; called my aunt for a chat; did two loads of washing and got it dry in the sun and a light breeze; and picked lots of greens and herbs for our supper.

We went out for a walk after supper.

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