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Miss Traill’s again

It has been a really busy month at Miss Traill’s House and Garden. Today I helped the other volunteers cater for a bus load of National Trust members from Sydney. It was a lovely day and the garden looked a picture with little circular tables covered with floral tablecloths and each had a vase of pink roses. We had everyone thank us saying how delightful it all was. Just about all the (copious) food was eaten, couldn’t believe it! I was clearing up and there was hardly any wastage. 

These leftovers were taken up to the aged care facility. I particularly like the Pierre de Ronstadt roses. 

James returned home so we are one person down tonight but have Onken the Jack Russell staying for 2 nights. She has put herself to bed on the lounge. Bob is watching All the Light you Cannot See on Netflix. I’ve read the book but don’t fancy a heavy war movie at the moment. 

After the function at Miss Traill’s I went into the X-ray office to organise some X-rays of my left knee and hip joints which have been niggling recently. I was able to get them done almost immediately (just a bit of a wait). The films are downloaded onto an app which you can view but you don’t have access to the official report for 10 days. My left knee looks in better condition according to my untrained eye on my phone screen. Isn’t modern technology amazing (when it works). It was all bulk billed so didn’t cost anything except half an hour of my time. 

After all the standing around today I have a pretty angry right knee so might take myself off to bed early. 

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