Abstract Thursday ( aka mess)

I decided to Marie Kondo my clothes today. If anyone hasn’t read her book you should because it is life changing. This has been on my “to do” list for a week but I knew it would take time so left it for other smaller jobs. Instead of doing a cupboard or a room at a time you do all your clothes which may be scattered around the house. Or all your kitchen utensils. Or all your pot plants. That way you can’t just rearrange things and you can see just how many of a particular item you have. I have collected everything except my current underwear and coats in the pile and have sorted it further so I can put away those things that I want to keep ( Kondo says they spark joy and you don’t need further excuses to keep these things). So far I have kept my wedding dress and two dresses Bob bought for me 30 or 40 years ago which are lovely quality but too small. 

I am a hoarder so have way too many things (as I know they will go to land fill or charity if good enough). My size range is from 10-18 or smaller if I use US sizes. Next job is to go through each pile of winter and summer clothes, tops, pants, hats, scarves etc. I’ll keep a list just for fun to see if other people are as hopeless as me in keeping the cupboards organised. I went through my pillow collection earlier this year and found about 18 that we didn’t use regularly. 

We woke to find we had no gas ( which we use for hot water and stovetop). There was a leakage in the main pipeline and many towns are without. A bad day for those needing it for heating as we have had a winter blast of air from Antartica. 2° this morning and top of only 9 yesterday. Brrr. Lucky we didn’t need showers this week! 

The TWD (Total Well-being Diet) is going well. I haven’t been hungry and eating from all the food groups. We count them instead of calories which is easier. High protein, low fat, and low GI carbs. We can have 7 small treats a week and use an online tracker to see how you are going. I’ve lost 1.9kg and feeling better. 

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