Flower Friday — Chicago Peace

I went out to take a photo of my Siberian iris which don’t last long but was waylaid by this rose. It is a sport (offspring) of Peace which I blipped the other day. The garden and weeds are all healthy except my Mary MacKillop Rose which has died.  It is the third rose in a similar place and they have all kicked the bucket. The iris is in extras but doesn’t show it’s true luminous bright blue. 

I did heaps of jobs today including making a minestrone soup for lunch. I haven’t really made it before, only tinned versions. Yum.

The main topic of conversation here is the gas supply is still cut. There was a leak in the flooded areas which I think has been fixed but they can’t turn on our gas until every business, service and household in Bathurst, Lithgow, Wallerawang and Oberon is reconnected. The essential services like hospital and water purifying works are first on the list to get it back. We were excited to see a gas man arrive to hopefully turn ours on this afternoon but no, he was here to turn the gas off and tape it up. They have to do that to every connection (20,000+) and then check each one when they turn them back on to see there is no air or water in the pipes. It might take weeks! Our visitor (gas man) was from Wagga Wagga a city 5 hours drive away. They are bringing in 50 extra police as they think the locals will start getting angry. I’m glad I don’t have a business which needs gas or heating or hot water such as cafes, or hairdressers. 

We hooked our caravan up to our water and electric power this afternoon and had a nice hot shower. We went around to the other neighbours to offer our facilities if they can’t wait for weeks for a shower. He he. No takers yet, apparently going 2 days without a shower is ok. 

It’s been cold down to 2-3°. Many people have gas heating. 

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