Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


We had a Church breakfast this morning, so we were there quite early and it felt good to be back and doing something - although I did ask for help putting heavy trays of croissant and other baked goodies into the oven.  However, after about half an hour, Mr.  HCB told me that I should be sitting down, so I then went out and sat chatting to the lovely lady at the bottom right of my collage.  Such a gracious lady, whose husband, John, used to be a Minister at the Church, and a lady Mr. HCB and I love dearly. It’s always good to catch up with people over breakfast although Mr. HCB was kept busy on "Dishwasher Duty"!

It was a great service with a thought provoking sermon by Lindsay, a Regional Minister, following which, we caught up with several friends - but missed others - sorry Gill - will definitely try and catch up soon.  

I was then wondering what to do for my Blip and when I saw Mei playing the piano, it gave me an idea for hands.  Then I saw H. playing the drums, so went over to have a chat with her - she told me she had some electric “flat drums”, so I said I thought perhaps she needed a set like this at home - when I asked her Mum afterwards for permission to use H’s hands today, she was not that keen on my suggestion - I wonder why?

Underneath H’s hands are M’s hands - a lovely man, who doesn’t read, but who sings his heart out - and always makes me feel very humble.  Every week since I missed being at Church, he would ask Mr. HCB how I was and then when I was back, would shout across the room that he loved me and liked my singing!  How special is that?

I then went out into the vestibule and noticed that H and her twin sister were jumping off the stairs, so hence the feet - how I wish I could do things like that - but I’m getting there!

I loved the concentration on Mei’s face - and despite looking so serious, I’m sure she was enjoying playing on the grand piano, which has a wonderful mellow sound - she has an exam in 4 weeks’ time, so I guess she may be practising more in the coming weeks.

What can I say about Bob the Cow and the new offering jar for the children?  The comment made by Mark, who was leading the service, was that it was a new “elephant in the room” but I have yet to find out why it is there and if it will take the place of Bob, who collects the money from the children each week for their own nominated charity.  Whatever reason, it is certainly a talking point - but I must find out more.  

So with our hands, feet and faces and voices, of course, we have praised God this morning and been challenged by Lindsay to spread the word wherever we go - where we live, work, shop, go to school, and to share with whoever we meet during the week.  So many people come into the Community Fridge, café and English classes, who might never come inside a Church, but there is always someone on hand to speak to those who need a comforting or encouraging word.  I realise you don’t need to be a Christian to do all the above, but as a Church, we believe this is our mission to the community so we do it gladly and without judging those who come.  

May you all have a great week - be kind to those you meet because you don’t know what they are going through - and if they are hanging on by a thread, you may be the one who can help them.  M xx 

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