Ramblings and Mutterings

By ValleyAllBlack


Had a nice lie in before heading back to Detling and finishing off my report and holding the closing meeting.

It was good to provide some positive feedback to the depot manager and his deputy.  It's clear that they take pride in their work and that is evident with how well the depot is organised.  I nearly had them in tears.

Headed off to Tring then and had the joys of the Dartford tunnel traffic jams on the M25.

Another site audit in the evening, however, with problems on the M25 and the long distance we had to travel, I missed the installation so could only do a quick drive through.  I'm blooming shattered, so I was kind of glad in one way.

This was the welcome back when I got to the depot.  Yikes!

Today I am thankful for:

1.  Providing positive feedback

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