By Brotographer

The Boss, part II (well not so much this time...)

A particularly tiring day at work! The weather has also gone kinda crap. Nevertheless, I met up with Stana for lunch on the piazza, where some WBS students were popping champagne and blasting music. Stana was the last one of us to finish exams, so that was enjoyable. After a sleepy work-fuelled day, next stop was, you guessed it: Bowling Bowling Bowling. Seems my Mondays and Tuesdays have turned into routines... I find it disconcerting to settle into routines, but the important thing is hanging out with everybody! So good guy Ryan gave Stana, Mahfood, Coonz and me a lift down to TenPin.

We had some good games, this was probably my favorite time bowling here, even though I didn't score very well! Gin Man, Ceurvoisier, Chris-tal and myself Mar-Tanti were a sick team, as expected.

After three games, a bunch of us hit Kelsey's for a series of pool games and bizzles. Tim and me, not a bad team, but Ryan and Stana were thrashing it.

Anyways, after Kelsey's, back home to reconvene with the others who'd gone out to Altoria. Me, I needed to go to sleep. But with the likes of Sam, Stana, Kasia and Lia drinking in my room and causing chaos, I don't even remember when I finally managed to push them off my bed so I could fall asleep. Good times anyways. Well, check tomorrow's entry to see the after effects.


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