By Brotographer

Urban Bridges

Today was a tipping point of sorts. I realized I can only balance so much, working a 9 to 5 job and doing stuff every night, whether it be to go bowling, to play some pool at Kelsey's until 1am or to chill out with friends in my room until 3am. All of which I did yesterday. So that's money earning, career stuff and social life that I'm balancing. Doing any form of sports seems to be out the window until July, when everybody gets the hell out of Warwick and leaves me alone! If I keep up this pace though, I'll be dead before then. Either that or I'm gonna get used to my reduced sleep cycle and have bags under my eyes like back during exams. This is more fun than exams though, so I don't mind so much. It seems if you want to make the most of life, sleep is the first thing you have to give up...

In other news, there's Barcelona in early July. I think I'll just relax on the beach in Sitges all day every day, while everybody is out doing the ultra-touristy stuff. Speaking of which, we finished the tour logo that's going on the t-shirts two days ago and it's ready to print! Quite psyched to see what it looks like printed and hopefully everybody likes it.

So today I woke up feeling annihilated but managed to get my act together before work. Supervisor wasn't in most of the afternoon, so I ended up with a bit of dead time, when I finished my work earlier than expected. That's right now actually. So guess what, I'm killing time by already writing this blip from work.

Off to Coventry tonight. The photo is from the bridge which crosses the railway tracks. Went for what is hopefully more interesting editing here. I was gonna edit out the tree and some of the buildings, but couldn't really justify the effort. Too behind on blipping!


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