By Mrsmacdub

Glorious sunshine

The sun shone this morning and the sky was blue.  G came to finish off the corner in the entrance and do the ceiling in our bedroom.  He’ll be back on Monday week to build the room downstairs and tidy up one or two things.  He might even do the plastering because he hasn’t managed to find a plasterer for us.  The painting won’t be done until after Christmas.

A nice young man came and picked up the wood burner, which means we can get the garage sorted and tidied.

MrMacD spent time in the garden, I pottered around inside, we both helped G get his tools and the rubbish out to his vehicle, then he helped us move the two sofas back into the lounge room.  It was good to be able to sit in there tonight and it is so much roomier now.

I wandered around the garden and took some photos of flowers.  They bring joy and lift the spirits - something that is much needed when there is so much death and destruction taking place in the world.  I cannot bear to think what life (if it can even be called that) is like in the West Bank, Gaza and Ukraine, as well as other places.  To live with such horrors day after day is beyond comprehension. I feel guilty for living a normal life but also very thankful that I’m able to.

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