By iaint

Coast to Coast

I had a Big Day Out today - the first for a while. 

I headed for the south side of Glasgow to watch Queen's Park play Raith Rovers. Like before, my travel was almost all by public transport (I did drive 15 minutes to the park and ride). 

It was great - apart from the football result. I teamed up with my cousin Mike and he suggested (OK, insisted) we meet in the Horseshoe before the game. He even suggested (OK, insisted) I catch an earlier bus than planned. 

I got my Blip on the way into the pub. I had not been in there for decades, and thoroughly enjoyed renewing an old acquaintance (the pub, not the cousin). So far as I could see, the pub has hardly changed in all that time. 

We also managed a quick one in the Queen's Park Clubhouse before the game and their classy house plants caught my eye - see Extra.

The other Extra is the start of the Parkrun which I managed to squeeze into my action packed day. Pretty much perfect weather for this time of year. 

I am tired now.  

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