By JanetMayes

Autumn rain in the valley

It started raining as I left the house. I zipped the camera inside my waterproof and revised my plans: instead of the longer walk I've been wanting to fit in, I repeated my usual reasonably brisk walk up the hill, and found the sheep back in the hilltop meadow. We looked at each other. The photos were not very interesting. At the top, I looked over the gate into the woods. The colours were glorious but the track was a quagmire and it was very gloomy. I decided there was nothing for it but to embrace ICM. I've already deleted most of these photos, in a rare moment of decisive efficiency, but have started editing a few which may eventually be worth keeping. As I returned down the lane, I remembered that I'd already taken a photo that morning: J's PA S had arrived with two home grown bananas from the large plant she has nurtured in the stairwell of the building where she lives in Folkestone. I was astonished and impressed, especially when she showed us her photo of the entire large bunch of fruit on the plant. It's the second time it has fruited, this time with fairly standard size bananas following a bunch of small ones two years ago. This, obviously, is the extra; the main photo is another variation on the view across the valley which I've blipped many times. It's all a bit muddy looking, in poor light and heavy drizzle, but the colours may not be there by the next sunny day.

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