By ArcLight


I don't have occasion to walk down Candlemaker Row very often, but today I had to get myself fairly rapidly between Old College and part of the ECA estate and that was the quickest route on foot. I'd noticed on social media that the only law bookshop in the city was closing down, and I was worried that this was because I had never actually been inside it, and had bought my law books elsewhere or online. In fact, it seems that it is closing because of retirement. Having failed to visit it, and I didn't correct that today, I thought the next best thing was to photograph the window display which struck me as quite amusing and eclectic.

I guess it will be replaced by a cafe or a tourist tat shop selling funny smelling candles. Thus rendering it indistinguishable from almost every other shop in the vicinity of the Grassmarket.

I topped off a busy day in the office with a giving myself the "luxury" of fish and chips in the City Restaurant, next door to the Festival Theatre, where the Edinburgh Gang Show 2023 was attracting a substantial audience of scouting and guiding adjacent young people. It was also busy outside the Playhouse as I cycled down the hill. it's showing Aladdin. It's all go in Edinburgh.

The reason for giving myself a quick supper out is that I have a very early start in the morning, and I honestly didn't have the energy to cook something and wash it up. Times like these, I miss Mr A!

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