By Bom

Lowes Ponies

H and I walked on Holt Lowes this morning, it was rather muddy for November, but a nice temperature with sun at times. We came across some of the ponies that help manage the Lowes on a couple of occasions. Firstly we saw a couple of ponies being held in a pen which were being fed - one had hurt itself. Then we came across 3 doing an excellent job of keeping the gorse in check. This afternoon I did a quick leaf collection prior to the bin being collected tomorrow - a lot of the leaves here are still on the trees. I also listened to a bit of Sir Patrick Vallance's very interesting evidence to the Covid Inquiry. 

I also had a quick look at the proposals for a new prep school for Gresham's on Holt Hall land which they acquired recently after being gifted lots of money by James Dyson. We got a flyer put through the door at 9:30, giving us notice, a website to look at after noon, and how we can raise concerns before 18th Dec. They 'wish to consult with the local community', but it comes across as just going through the motions to me. Evidently it was on the local news before those most impacted were notified. The details on the website are extremely 'thin' with very little detail, and the public exhibition in town is only on for 4 hours on 30th Nov between 3pm and 7pm (not good timing for the elderly affected). Those most affected are those backing on to the field like me - the only info given is that it will have 4 rugby pitches and two cricket pitches on that field and 2 rugby pitches and 1 cricket pitch on the adjacent field. There is also space for a running track, other athletic facilities and a pavilion - but it doesn't say which field these will be in. These is no information about use at weekends / evenings, noise reduction or whether there will be floodlights and light pollution. Currently the field marks the edge of town, so you get dark skies, no noise and lots of wildlife. It is also in an area of outstanding natural beauty and I'm not sure it aligns with the Holt Neighbourhood Plan which was approved in a referendum in late June 2023. So it could be ok, but impossible to tell from the info provided. 

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