Life through the lens...

By ValC

Rodley Nature Reserve.

After yesterday’s glorious sunshine if has been a rather cold gloomy day.
However we decided to wrap up and drive over to Rodley Nature Reserve.
We haven’t been for over a year due to the bridge over the canal being rebuilt.
However fortunately it is now finished and there is once more access to the Reserve.

It was very quiet. Probably due to the weather, but also people haven’t yet realised it is fully open again. The volunteers we spoke to said that many of their regulars hadn’t returned.

Not a lot to see except plenty of gulls.
Although the I was thrilled to see a lovely little gold crest. I haven’t seen one for a long time. To quick for a photo.
Then we saw a brambling high up in a tree along with some linets and chaffinches. Must say I wouldn’t have spotted it if someone hadn’t pointed it out, and the light was very poor.
The jay and robin photos were taken where feeders were set up in the ‘ Managers Garden.”.
The little harvest mouse was one of the many they breed and then release back into the wild.
They have them in large tanks in the entrance to the cafe. Difficult to photograph as they are so fast.

It was nice to see next springs catkins on the alder branches as well as the cones.

Just before we left we went back to the first hide and in the distance had a quick flash of a kingfisher as it perched on a stick before diving into the lake.

So actually saw quite a lot, and certainly enjoyed the walk round such a peaceful spot so near to Leeds city centre.

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