'It is a fetching blindness that sends us on our r

'It is a fetching blindness that sends us on our road to ruin.'

So often we are reminded by those that inspire us that there is life outside of our goldfish bowl. I remember 'discovering' Kendall for the first time, encouraged by another blipper to check out the news she was covering. I did and was duly moved. Since then, and I sense her embarrassment as I write this, I have been encouraged, moved, inspired and lifted my gaze.

Others on blip inspire us too do they not, and yesterday on Facebook Fotografo did just that with photos of protests in Brazil. First of all I adore his blip work, its easy interpretation of life on the street in Brazil. Colour, humour and mostly joy fill his blips. So when Fernando acts I am bound to take notice, his need to join tend of thousands to protest at the injustice that rules the country, his country. I was reminded of an old piece of mine that says the following:

'For the rich get richer
and the poor get poorer,
the sad get sadder
and the low get lower,
and the wheels they turn
with unending grind
but the people can't stop
to see what to find.
Yet the whistle blows
and the race is on
with success as a goal
and defeat as a bomb,
and we all set out
to try achieve
but so many are left
to hurt and bleed.
Don't you know
life's worth nothing
without love.'

To those who stand up for injustice we stand with you, our warrior friends who fight inequality with dignified protest.



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