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We were expecting a furniture delivery from IKEA. It was coming in two separate deliveries. Yesterday we knew the main delivery was between 12 and 2 but we’re unsure of the other. DPD messaged to say that the second was coming after 2:30pm.  Fortunately, the main was delivered in the earlier slot. 

I’d planned to go out and get some food for us but, once we knew the delivery was coming, I waited. So, as soon as we had the boxes we went out to the Co-Op to buy food for tonight. I wanted to have a wander and PY was hungry so he went off to get food. I wandered around the shops. In the end I didn’t find anything except some silver baubles to try and make the tree and home not look so bare. I didn’t mention those so they would be a surprise when I put them on the tree. I bought my Coronation Chicken baguette from French Franks and head back. 

The first delivery contained most parts - although not everything - for the sofa. Some of the other parts - mainly covers - were part of the second delivery. It’s odd but it all came together and we spent most of the afternoon attempting to follow Ikea instructions to put furniture together. Somehow it got done with no arguments

Just after 5pm we walked to the bus stop, catching the bus to Ryde where we waited in the bus station for about 40 minutes until, at 6:30pm, the open-topped Christmas Light Tour bus arrived. It’s a special service with a two-and-a-half hour trip around the eastern side of the Island looking at Christmas lights.  Lots of people braved the freezing temperatures to sit upstairs in either the marginally-covered or completely-open sections but as the evening wore on, more-and-more of them defected into the relative warmth of the downstairs.  Blankets were provided but I cursed myself for not bringing the heated jacket I bought last year.  I think we were the only two who stayed upstairs for the whole journey: it was very cold.

At one part we turned down some tiny residential streets to see a house, pictured, that is covered in lights with the aim of raising money for charity.  It was, by far, the most impressive part.  The trip extended as far at The Wildheart Animal Sanctuary in Sandown, where the cafe was open and serving mulled wine, mince pies and donuts (amongst other things). It was really amazing to see the lights and a lovely way to see parts of the island but I was very glad when we boarded the regular bus back to the warmth of the flat.

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