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Wonderful Christmastime

We had planned to walk by the sea this morning but, instead, sheltered from the rain and sat indoors. There’s always a bit of effort to prep the place when we leave it: bins to be emptied, recycling to be done, switches to be turned off.  We left around noon and walked to Subway where we bought our lunch for the train using points we’d accumulated on their app.  Then, a walk along the pier in the driving rain. We were soaked when we entered the waiting area: my trousers so sodden that, when I stood up to board the ferry, the seat I’d been sat on needed to be wiped dry.  I didn’t dry out until we were into the train journey.  Home via Waterloo.

Back in London, we started with tea because I was feeling cold from the rain. It seems next door saw a parcel left out in the rain and took it in, delivering it this evening. I have to assume it was the one dumped on the doorstep last night. 

In the evening to central London and back to The Crazy Coqs for the annual Christmas event. A nice mix of the old, new and the unexpected (Let It Go from Frozen was a surprise, but beautifully performed) made it much fun. Big party of 14, arrived late, and sat next to us. Some of them did not seem in the spirit (to be fair, others were up for it). Mark had included a singalong ‘Deck The Halls’ and ended with ‘I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday”.  Festive and lovely. We walked back to the station, taking in the Christmas Tree in Trafalgar Square (my extra). I thought I’d read some negative comments about it but it looks great. Not quite the snowy walk back we did after last year’s event.

A bit of a debate about dinner when we got back. I didn’t want the pasta and decided that I’d make a homemade chicken kebab - rather than just going to the takeaway - and I am very glad I did. I thought it all worked out well and there’s a lovely lesson that it takes no more time to make at home than it does to wait in the takeaway. I assume it’s healthier, it’s definably cheaper,  but who know? Certainly far fewer fries.

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